Companions, as associated with literary/fairytale characters

"Having seen the Wizard for what he really is."  Martha was the best companion ever!

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Only one time, Loser …

Only one time, Loser …

Charles Dickens Born 7 February 1812.
Happy 200th Birthday …

Charles Dickens Born 7 February 1812.

Happy 200th Birthday …


Top Ten: Martha Jones is Flawless
1. The Last of the Time Lords (3x13)

You don’t have to love Martha Jones, but you have to respect her. She accomplished so many things, even though most of the time, she was undervalued, under-appreciated, or just completely unnoticed. She never complained about why the Doctor didn’t love her or why he treated her badly. She just watched his back and took care of him, and when it came time, she left - she got out. Not because she was abandoning the Doctor, but because she needed to go. She needed to live her life, she needed to move on from the Doctor and her unrequited feelings, and she needed to help her family after the year of torture they went through. Some people say Martha Jones was being selfish, but that’s not true. If you had to choose between all of time and space with the man you are in love with, or staying home and fixing a family broken by a year that never was, wouldn’t you prefer to run away? And keep running with the Doctor - away from all that responsibility? But no, Martha stayed to helped her family and save the world over and over again. She wasn’t selfish; she was strong. It must have been incredibly hard for her to walk away from him, but she knew that she needed to. She was incredibly brave. Martha Jones, you truly are a star.





Doctor Who: “The First Question” - 50th Anniversary Trailer (HD)

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So I was looking through the topless robot when I found this.  It’s not for the children. 

I love it when stuff gets taken out of context …

Possibly Important Things from The Girl Who Waited


Now, it’s entirely possible that I’m completely bonkers, but it seems the Girl Who Waited ties together with a lot of other things talked about (Amy’s House, The Silence, Let’s Kill Hitler, the lullaby from Night Terrors). There were a lot of bread crumbs left. The thing about bread crumbs, though, is that you don’t know where they lead. The closer you get to the end of the trail, the better idea you have, but it can still veer off. Or, the bag could have torn and the bread crumbs aren’t making a trail at all (what a waste of bread crumbs!). So let’s try to make some sense of what’s happening. 

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 Damn,  this really hurt my brain by so far I can’t find a hole in the logic … so far.